Season II


The innocence of being able to dream and stay empowered through the awkward phase of growing up but staying curious and true to yourself. This is the spirit of the collection.

The starting point was a 90’s cult film from Hong Kong, originated from a romantic folklore about a feisty spirit who breaks free from her eternal bound. Spirit of Siu-sin was realised in playful stripe poet print and a hand-drawn print reminiscent of religious cathedral paintings. 

An organza skirt readjusts and transforms into a dress; a shirt that is adorned with lace ruffles and dresses’ hem and seams are slanted awkwardly; Having a shirt collar in halter-neck dress and lace panelled jumpsuit; Dress sleeves that can be worn either long and short depending on how the wearer likes to tie them up. Existing themes of sartorial dressing are pushed forward into garments that are playful and free.

Fabrics and trimmings being introduced are multicoloured Tweed, cotton and linen shirting, Cotton blend jacquard, indigo dyed frogs. Velvet trimming, organza, Cotton twill and Chantilly lace.

Each piece treasures the intangible feeling of hopes and dreams and preserving the candour of youth.


Photographer:  Iolo Lewis Edwards

Styling:  Shakirra Mae

Make up : Mollie Brittain

Model: Ella kitson